Parent Teacher Nights & Reports


Students in years 7-10 are issued with Plain English reports at the end of each Semester. Near the end of Term 1, and mid Term 3 there will be formal Parent/Teacher Nights to discuss your child’s progress.
Senior students receive the following reports:

Preliminary Year                                                                                     HSC Year
Mid-term One Parent/Teacher Night                                                       Mid-term One Parent/Teacher Night
End of Term Two Full Report                                                                     Early Term Two Full report
Mid-term Three Parent/Teacher Night                                                    Mid-term Three Parent/Teacher Night
Early Term four Full Report                                                                       End of Term Three Full Report

Parent/Teacher interviews will take place in Term 1 and in Term 3 after the issuing of the Semester One Reports to Years 7-11.
The report issued at the end of Term 4 to Years 7-10 is given to parents at the conclusion of the Presentation ceremony. Parent/Teacher interviews are available after this event by bookings only.
Where parents are concerned about the student’s progress, arrangements should be made for an interview with the Pastoral Co-ordinator, class teacher or appropriate Leaders of Learning in order to discuss the concerns.